Group Credit Trade Application

Thank you for your interest in opening an account with a Group Company. This is an application for a Commercial Credit Account and will take approximately 5 -10 minutes to complete.

To successfully complete an online form, please have available:
- Your ABN and/or ACN
- Directors/Partners/Sole Proprietors/Trust information, which includes a copy of Drivers Licence, DOB and private address for each person
- Your business accounts payable contact details including postal and email address
- Financial Statements (Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss)

Once submitted you will receive a copy of the application form. The application will be reviewed by our sales and credit teams. If the assessments meet our requirements, we will notify you and advise your customer account number so you can begin placing orders.

You can save and return to this application for up to 14 days from commencement.

If you require any assistance with this form, please contact our accounts department on 1800 800 874.